Ocean Poems

Oceans cover more than two thirds of the earth’s surface and contain more than 95% of the earth’s water, and yet their vastness is their least impressive feature. Life on earth began in the ocean, and there it continues to thrive. Conservatively, there are hundreds of thousands of species living in our oceans, and we continue to find more every day. The oceans also play a vital role in regulating the temperature of the earth, absorbing solar heat and redistributing it around the world. As much as they give life, oceans are also a source of fear for many, and are frequently used to depict isolation.

Sea Poems

Ocean Poems: 1/19
Nature, Ocean
Ocean Secrets
This was written while on a trip to the ocean with my youngest sister. This was a time of healing for my soul. I hope you enjoy it, and can use it to fit into your own life to bring about healing.

Ahhhhhhhhh, the breeze was so gentle and the sun so warm
Yet, there was a roar from the ocean filling the air
Waves lapping at the shore one by one
Each one rising and rising with such a flair
It seemed I could see beyond the horizon
Imagining all that could be or ever was
I wanted to share it with all I loved
I stood there taking in all that I could
Feeling like a freed captive bird from a cage
I spilled my thoughts and then ,my soul
Releasing my secrets and inner soul to the gentle breeze
To be delivered to the waves, washed, cleansed , and set free
Freely I gave to the sea my raging storm
That had consumed my soul for so long

For a brief moment I held my breath
Hoping time could stand still as it was right then
A moment in time filled with peace, comfort, and warmth
As I walked, I felt the gentle breeze following me along the shore
As I bent to pick up grains of sand
I felt the breeze whisking them from my hand
Just as quickly as the sifting sand fell
And was carried back to the ocean floor
My time here at the ocean was coming to an end
And I would leave, leaving behind a part of me
That would forever remain a part of the mighty sea..

Carlotta McKnight