Ocean Poems: 18/19
Nature, Ocean

The Worlds Ending!

© Mahala Green

I would like to eneter my qoute! &#8220Give a hand, and help&#8221

You buy the new Seaweed lotion,
But, I bet you have no clue what is happening to our ocean?

People throw trash in out water,
You rather not help, you rather loiter.

People pollute the air, their harming us,
The exhaust is coming to pollute the air, it is coming from your car, truck, or even your BUS!

You set on your couch and do NOTHING!
But, one day you will have to pay the price for something!
You throw things on the ground,
There is nothing going to STOP me, there is no limit or a bound!

You have no clue what message you are sending,
You let your children litter, this is going to be the worlds ending!

They make a special bin,
It will help to recycle, if you buy this bin, we are destined to WIN!

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