Animal Poems

Animals are one of the greatest things on Earth, and yet we often fail to appreciate them in all their forms. Every day, new species and life-forms are being discovered all across the globe, and they bring with them an ever increasing spectrum of variety. Many animals have their own unique identities, and these traits have always proven fascinating to us. From fierce to playful, instinctive to trained, animals play a vital role in the world we live in. They bring out both the best and the worst in people, and a person’s attitude towards animals can often be a strong indicator of their nature.

Wild Animal Poems

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A Mother Cries
An excellent poem about a mother wolf defending her baby cub.

The wolf howls in the darkness,
She lets the wind carry her cries.
Her silhouette on a hilltop,
The moon reflected in her eyes.
The agony she carries, the pain.
At her feet, the lifeless cub she bore.
In the animal kingdom it’s the circle of life,
Nothing less and nothing more.
The moon casts down its sympathy,
As it blankets around her rabid soul.
Nature defenseless against man,
An innocent life that white man stole.
As her howl travels,
The hunter stops dead still.
For the hunted often holds revenge,
An angry mother, ready to kill.
Her silhouette no longer rests under the moon,
It runs through the old forest trees.
Her legs swift, much faster than the hunter.
His cries carry through the breeze.