Animal Poems

Animals are one of the greatest things on Earth, and yet we often fail to appreciate them in all their forms. Every day, new species and life-forms are being discovered all across the globe, and they bring with them an ever increasing spectrum of variety. Many animals have their own unique identities, and these traits have always proven fascinating to us. From fierce to playful, instinctive to trained, animals play a vital role in the world we live in. They bring out both the best and the worst in people, and a person’s attitude towards animals can often be a strong indicator of their nature.
A Mother Cries

An excellent poem about a mother wolf defending her baby cub.

Woods at Night

Do you ever wonder what the forests are like at night? Quiet and Slick.

Love Your Pet

Pets are so very important in our lives and they bring us so much love. You need to take the time to be good to them and show them endless love. I am a professional poet and writer who has had four books published.

Beach Poems

The beach means many different things to different people. For children, the beach is nature’s playground. Many a child’s favourite memories are of building sandcastles and splashing in the sea. As we move in to adulthood, beaches often become something more romantic. There is no better place for a long walk with your soul mate than along a beautiful sandy beach; the waves lapping at your feet. When you become a parent, the beach offers itself as the perfect family day out. It brings out the child in all of us, and it can often bring us closer together. From toddler to grandparent, the beach never loses its inherent charm.
Sandy Beaches

A perfect description of the sand by the shoreline.

The Sensations of Summer

I had to do this song for an English assignment :)

The essence of sand

I am only 13 years of age but I feel writing poems are one of my many hobbies. This poem is supposed to tease your mind and fill it with imagination.

Beauty Poems

It is often said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many people mistakenly believe that to refer only to people. Natural beauty comes in many forms, and it is not about perfection. Beauty is not tarnished by imperfections – it is defined by them. It could be in a smile, or the twinkle of an eye. It could be an untainted landscape, or the change of the seasons. It could even be in an act of pure unselfishness. Beauty comes in many, often unexpected forms, but it does not always announce itself. Sometimes you have to search for it, but when you find it, you will know it was worth it.
My love of nature

I wrote this poem for my 7 year old daughter for a school project and it made her smile when she read it, so I decided to share it. hope you like.

Mother Nature's Cry

Susan Chen is a current junior at Stanford University. Growing up in a rural village in China and spending most of her mature years among backs of skyscrapers and bright lights in inner Boston, Susan dedicates her poetry to an enriched world outlook marked by urban excitement and idyllic longing

Nature's Wonders

The beauty of nature cannot be measured on any chart, nor the delight that it brings to the soul.

Bird Poems

To many, birds are seen as nothing more than winged animals, devoid of mystery and character, but this does them a great disservice. They have inspired great men throughout the ages – all the way back to the very first men who wished to join them in the skies. It is no surprise that the sound of birds singing in the morning is so often romanticized – they inspire and delight us in equal measure. They live a life that we frequently covet; who can honestly say they have never craved the freedom to simply fly away to wherever your heart desires? We used to dream of flying through the skies with birds. We still do.
On the Forest Floor

This is a sad poem if you appreciate the beauty and innocence of a lovely bird. This little bird is dying and nobody stops to help.

A Bird's Paradise

I wrote this poem after thinking one day how much fun it would be to grow wings and take flight looking for a place like this bird found. We each have a little free spirit in us, and this poem helped me to express mine.

The Humming Bird

A poem about the beautiful humming bird.

Butterfly Poems

True aesthetic beauty is rarely so perfectly demonstrated in nature as in the butterfly. From the unique patterns and bright colours to the fanciful fluttering style of flying, butterflies have always captured people’s attention. It is no surprise that people draw inspiration from these gentle creatures. Starting as a caterpillar, before wrapping up in a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly is a story that many of us wish to relate to. The idea that we can change our nature and become something greater is not just a dream, but reality. If the butterfly can do it, so can we.
Butterfly Games

Have you ever seen a fluttering butterfly? I'ts like a butterfly tease.

Dog Poems

The phrase “dogs are a man’s best friend” did not come about by accident. While people are keeping more and more kinds of animals as pets these days, dogs have comfortably retained their number one spot as a family’s favourite pet. A well-treated and loved dog often becomes far more than simply a pet; it becomes a member of the family. Displaying more affection than your partner and a stronger sense of loyalty than you would ask of anyone, dogs quite simply devote themselves to their owners. The bond between owner and dog is a remarkable thing, and it can represent one of truest displays of love as we understand it
Ole' Blue

A master's love for an old hunting dog.

What is a dog?

Ok well none of the poems were good for a poem assignment do I made this to turn in at school!

Earth Poems

When was the last time that you stopped to consider this planet that we live on? The earth has given us life. Its atmosphere literally puts a roof over our head, while the plants and trees provide us with the air we need to breathe. Countless species all cohabiting on this one incredible planet in harmony, and we’re destroying it. Animals are going extinct, natural resources are running dry and countrysides are quickly becoming cities. Why are we not doing more to protect our earth? From the flora to the fauna, the earth has welcomed us with open arms. It’s time we started to appreciate it.

LOVE LEAD NATURE is an acrostic sonnet, where the first letter of each line forms the title 'LOVE LEAD NATURE'.

Someday The Earth Will Be Treated Kind

We can still make a difference!!!!! reduce, reuse, and recycle

Environment Poems

The earth is a truly remarkable place, but its environment is something that all too often we take for granted. The natural beauty of seas and forests are beyond compare, and yet we continue to pollute and corrupt them. We depend on our environment for our very existence, while all the while we continue to destroy it for materialistic gain. If humanity wishes to thrive, we need to learn to protect and embrace this planet and not work against it. If we don’t, we run the very real risk of destroying our home, and condemning future generations. We cannot let that happen.
The Sound of Earth

Influence others to see the gift of god and loving god

What Nature Suffers?

This is about the world who doesn't care about our environment/nature. They are spoiling nature.

Fall Poems

Every season has its own special charms and characteristics that we look forward to, but none are considered more spectacular than the fall. As the summer comes to a close, we are left with warm temperatures and changing colours. As the leaves change on the trees, we are left with some of the most stunning natural scenes as the beautiful gold and brown leaves create a sense of warmth and change. Although often seen as the end, the fall represents the dawning of a new day; a new chapter. Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. It’s no wonder so many people feel inspired at this time of year…how could you not be?

I wrote this around Halloween time a few years ago while I was sick. I compared how my body felt to the rainy storm going on outside of the house.


The poem is for nature lovers including myself. Having retired a few days ago, I find pleasure in writing poems on nature. Autumn is not to be construed as a sad season as nature needs rest to give way to a colorful and fruitful spring.

Forest Poems

Forests have always been a mainstay of stories and tales from a very young age. Forests have an inescapable mystery and sense of wonder about them. From enchanted forests to scary forests, the forest lends itself to many a literary device. Unfortunately, the time of the forest is quickly disappearing. Forest areas are being cut down and destroyed at a truly terrifying rate, and not only are we losing the life giving trees, but all the wildlife that dwell in their leafy terrain. Forests have always had their place in fantasy, but we are running the very real risk of confining their presence to fantasy alone.
Natural Nature


Killarney Moonlight

Great Mountain Lake. Killarney Provincial Park. Ontario.

Hiking on a Spring Day

I love nature, animals and the great cause of saving the environment. The walks I take in the woods and the photos I take bring me calmness and peace and life in the moment. My faith brings its beauty and great love.

Garden Poems

What does a garden mean to you? The answer to that question will likely tell a huge amount about you. As children, the garden was somewhere to play for hours. From football to chasing, tennis to water-fights, the garden was the “go-to” place when you were young. In adulthood, the garden has far more practical uses. Somewhere to dry the clothes. Somewhere to set up the barbecue. Somewhere to keep the dog. As we get older still, the garden often becomes somewhere to be enjoyed. Sitting out in the sun or tending to plants and flowers, the garden can be a real outdoor relaxation room. Your garden can be anything you want it to be. It’s up to you.

I wrote this poem last year when I was in the 7th grade. my mother has truely inspired me and I want to thank you

My Garden

A special garden is vividly described from morning to night, from flowers to birds, from cactus to butterflies. Beautiful.


I'm fifteen years old girl. I wrote this poem about nature part of life. Just read it and you can imagine you were there.

Heaven Poems

The idea of heaven is different for every single person. We may share stereotypical beliefs about going to heaven in the afterlife, but what heaven means to us individually is far more unique, and one of the most fascinating and discussed subjects going. For some, it is the opportunity to meet with loved ones again. For others, the idea of heaven is far more spiritual. Regardless of beliefs, it is a subject that continues to dominate. It is one of the most personal insights a person can give about themselves, and for that reason can be a particularly sensitive subject.

Susan Chen is a current junior at Stanford University. Growing up in a rural village in China and spending most of her mature years among backs of skyscrapers and bright lights in inner Boston, Susan dedicates her poetry to an enriched world outlook marked by urban excitement and idyllic longing

The Source (Manifestation)

I wrote this poem after having been inspired by the documentary 'The Secret'. The source is the term I use to call the all knowing and ever pervading presence that most people call 'God'.

Horse Poems

The noblest of creatures; the horse is one of the more diverse of animals. To many a working man, the horse is a working animal, capable of tremendous strength and pulling power. However, for every working horse there are just as many show horses, kept as pets for personal use by the wealthy. For those who like a flutter, horses can be a joy and a curse. Pawns of the gambling industry, these horses are bred solely to race. With such a wide scope of career paths, it’s no wonder that the horse is held in such high regard. These are proud, magnificent beasts, and they deserve our respect.
A Horse and a Boy

From my book Appalachian Poetry. To my son Cory. Living the country life with a love for horses. Sadly she is gone but her memory will live forever.

Horses And The Way They Are

This is poem is all about horses and what I once saw on an ordinary day at the stables. This poem is also dedicated to my horse, Cookie.


This poem is meant to try and describe the feeling we Equestrians get when we ride...

Mountain Poems

All around the world, mountains rise up out of the landscape, reaching high in to the sky. These mountains have always held an irresistible attraction. They represent impossible challenges, insurmountable obstacles that dare to be summited. To overcome these beautiful peaks is to prove oneself capable of great feats of both physical and mental endurance. For some, climbing mountains can be a life-long dedication. For others, mountains can be symbolic for the day to day challenges encountered in our lives. Either way, these perilous yet majestic landforms continue to hold a position of awe and wonderment in our lives.
All The Senses Respond

I live very close to the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. The beauty of this national treasure never fails to amaze me. It is no wonder it is the most visited national park in this great country.

Hiding in the Mountain Range

what hides within a mountain? what hides beneath the rock? what's lurking in the shadows? the ghost in the tunnels, the ownerless voice.

Ocean Poems

Oceans cover more than two thirds of the earth’s surface and contain more than 95% of the earth’s water, and yet their vastness is their least impressive feature. Life on earth began in the ocean, and there it continues to thrive. Conservatively, there are hundreds of thousands of species living in our oceans, and we continue to find more every day. The oceans also play a vital role in regulating the temperature of the earth, absorbing solar heat and redistributing it around the world. As much as they give life, oceans are also a source of fear for many, and are frequently used to depict isolation.
Ocean Fresh

This poems about the ocean being mistreated by humans and we need to stop and make changes.

Ocean Secrets

This was written while on a trip to the ocean with my youngest sister. This was a time of healing for my soul. I hope you enjoy it, and can use it to fit into your own life to bring about healing.

Rain Poems

Depending on where you live in the world and what you do for a living, you will have a very different opinion on rain from others. In some countries, rain is the great facilitator of life. Not just for drinking water for people and the wildlife, but for farmers who need rain to grow their crops. Rain is vital for the cycle of life. However, in other countries where there is no shortage of rainfall, it is seen as nothing more than an inconvenience. Even worse, recent heavy rainfall has resulted in severe flooding and deaths. In this way, rain can be seen as both the giver and the taker of life.
The Art of Rain

A cute little poem about the art of rain.

Tree Poems

Trees have always been a source of inspiration for people around the world. From the tiny glimmer of hope signified by a tiny sprout in the ground, to the resilient mighty oak standing alone after a storm. Trees not only grow with us, but can often stay standing when we become nothing but a memory etched into their bark. One person can look at a tree and see life; another sees death. Where one person sees strength, another sees vulnerability. Trees give us life, and their influence on us is never more apparent than in poetry.
A Tree For Julian

I am a retired executive secretary. When I retired, we relocated from beautiful Northern California to beautiful East Tennessee. The amazing beauty of our entire country inspires me to try to create poetry which will "paint pictures in words". I hope others will see the beauty all around

Tree, Dear Tree

My name is Jonathan, and I'm in the 6th grade. I wrote this poem for a class last year. My mom thought it would be a good idea to place this poem on the net. I love trees a lot and I hate to see them ever cut. For all the tree lovers out there, this poem is dedicated to you.

A Tree Is Like Our Mother

I have written this poem to share you my opinion about trees. I wanted to ask everyone why are they devouring trees like a hungry devil. Please join your hands together to save trees.