Beauty Poems

It is often said beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but many people mistakenly believe that to refer only to people. Natural beauty comes in many forms, and it is not about perfection. Beauty is not tarnished by imperfections – it is defined by them. It could be in a smile, or the twinkle of an eye. It could be an untainted landscape, or the change of the seasons. It could even be in an act of pure unselfishness. Beauty comes in many, often unexpected forms, but it does not always announce itself. Sometimes you have to search for it, but when you find it, you will know it was worth it.

Beauty Poems: 1/15
Nature, Beauty
My love of nature
I wrote this poem for my 7 year old daughter for a school project and it made her smile when she read it, so I decided to share it. hope you like.

I love the sound of birds
so early in the morn,
I like the sound of puppies soon after they are born.

I love the smell of flowers
and the taste of honey from bees.
I love the sound the wind makes when it’s blowing through the trees.

I love the way the sky looks on a bright and sunny day,
and even when it’s rainy, I love the shades of gray.

I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of waves upon the sand,
I love the feel of seashells and how they look in my hand.

And when the sun is gone, I love the moon that shines so bright,
I love the sounds of crickets and other creatures of the night.

So when I lay me down to sleep, I thank the Lord above,
For all the things of nature and more, all the things I love.