Ocean Poems: 4/19
Nature, Ocean

The Haunted Sea

© Sally Plumb

the north sea can be evil

The Haunted Sea

Two days of stark
on a wide, wide sea,
into bleak horizons
the ship sailed free.

Through day filled nights
and flightless skies
of loneliness
and tearless eyes.

Then the sea grew wider
as the sky shone pure
with painful sharpness
and silent fear.

Soon, fore to aft
the ship did spin,
and the sails they emptied
then filled again.

It listed port
then starboard, right,
and overturned
in the haunting light.

No sound, no sound,
from the tossing waves
for the screaming men
were the waters slaves.

And the crew still shriek
when the wind is flying.
It's loud with the sound
of brave men dying.

Sally Plumb Haverhill Suffolk

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