Ocean Poems: 5/19
Nature, Ocean

The Sea…

© Saira Obaidullah

The sea, the sea, the glorious, emerald sea,
Stretches as far as my sight carries me.

What tranquility, what treasures, what beauties dwell
In her fathomless depth, only God can tell.

Sometimes, I find her as gentle as a mother to her child.
Yet, when furious, she is as cruel as the beasts in the wild.

As I sit by the sea, watching the evening sun descend low,
The silver ripples shiver and the golden waters glow.

Oh sea,oh sea, oh glorious boundless sea.
Thou glitter like silver, as the moon shines upon thee.

We are born to fade away and some day we would never-
Return to cherish the glories of God, which would be there forever.

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