Poems about Nature for Kids: 1/7
Nature, For Kids
A Kid’s Life
This is a really cute poem describing the life of a child throughout the seasons.

Rain coming down sometimes making floods,
Sometimes turning dirt into mud,
Watering plants making grass grow,
Then suddenly turning into snow,
The white blanket comes down on the ground,
Covering houses and cars without a sound,
Children sledding down in the snow,
They want to throw snowballs at cars but parents say

Then turning into sunshine kids run out to play,
It’s summer – hurray!
Football games at the park,
Until it starts to get dark,
Then everyone runs out of sight,
Having sleepovers and stay up till 12 at night,
They wake up in morning to some toast,
Everyone tries to eat the most,
They all get sick,
Two of the kids run to each find a stick,
They have a sword fight,
Then the rest of the day,
They run and play,
time to come in
their parents say.

They wake up to a fright,
There’s leaves coming down all around,
They must have come at night,
They go outside then they hear their mom,

Come on its time for a hayride!

Then Halloween comes, everyone dresses up,
After they see all the candy,
They smile with glee,
The parents say
brush your teeth don’t get a cavity,
You answer back
but I already have three.

You wake up in the middle of the night,
You’ve had a quite a scare,
A horrible nightmare,
But you realize it’s just a dream,
But then you seem to think of whip cream,
You wake up and the whip cream from your dream,
Has turned into snow.