Earth Poems

When was the last time that you stopped to consider this planet that we live on? The earth has given us life. Its atmosphere literally puts a roof over our head, while the plants and trees provide us with the air we need to breathe. Countless species all cohabiting on this one incredible planet in harmony, and we’re destroying it. Animals are going extinct, natural resources are running dry and countrysides are quickly becoming cities. Why are we not doing more to protect our earth? From the flora to the fauna, the earth has welcomed us with open arms. It’s time we started to appreciate it.

Poems about our Planet

Showing Love To Mother Earth

Earth Poems: 1/16
Nature, Earth
Listen to me…

Stop it! children
Don't hurt me more and more
I beg your pardon
you are falling behind
behind in the feelings of love and care
rise, rise up and up
still you have enough time

are you hearing to my cries?
Oh! Son of mine
help your brothers
rivers, forests and nature
save your brothers and sisters
keep them away from your selfish manner

help trees to sway, rivers to flow
and birds to sing their sweet, lovely songs
help them to live their life with freedom.

Don't cut the trees for timber and wood
treat everyone nicely and be good
listen to me children
make my dream true