Butterfly Poems

True aesthetic beauty is rarely so perfectly demonstrated in nature as in the butterfly. From the unique patterns and bright colours to the fanciful fluttering style of flying, butterflies have always captured people’s attention. It is no surprise that people draw inspiration from these gentle creatures. Starting as a caterpillar, before wrapping up in a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly is a story that many of us wish to relate to. The idea that we can change our nature and become something greater is not just a dream, but reality. If the butterfly can do it, so can we.

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Have you ever seen a fluttering butterfly? I'ts like a butterfly tease.

Bursts of bodacious colors
Adorn his wings in flight,
Teasing cheerful souls of innocence
Stretching to indulge their delight;
Tantalizing just enough to please
And narrowly escaping their grasp,
His playful time has come to an end
As he flutters away on a breeze.