Vacation Poems: 1/3
Nature, Vacation
Our National Parks, America’s Greatest Treasure
My name is Margaret Dorste, and I live in Kaiula Kona, Hawaii. Even as a child I enjoyed writing poetry. Now that I am a semi-retired teacher, I have more time to express my feelings about issues that are close to my heart through poetry: family, children, nature, and the environment.

Our National Park System,
Is America’s greatest treasure.
With so many choices and diversities,
There is something for everyone’s pleasure.

From the lofty peaks of the Rocky Mountains,
With trails to challenge the hardiest hiker.
To Acadia’s forty-five miles of old carriage roads,
Which will be a delight for any mountain biker.

Marvel at the blue icebergs,
Floating in Glacier Bay.
Or travel to Hawaii’s Volcanoes Park,
Where Pele creates new land in her fiery way.

If caving is your greatest passion,
Then Mammoth Cave is a must.
Or the unbelievable Carlsbad Caverns,
Where hunting bats fill the air at dusk.

No tour of the National Parks,
Would ever be complete.
Without a stop at Yellowstone, the first one,
Where Old Faithfull’s gushes are a magnificent feat.

You have fifty-eight parks to choose from,
And I’ve only written about a few.
Whatever adventure you’re looking for,
There is at least one park perfect for you.

So I hope this starts you thinking,
When you’re planning your next vacation.
To visit some of our National Parks,
The gems of this great nation.