Heaven Poems

The idea of heaven is different for every single person. We may share stereotypical beliefs about going to heaven in the afterlife, but what heaven means to us individually is far more unique, and one of the most fascinating and discussed subjects going. For some, it is the opportunity to meet with loved ones again. For others, the idea of heaven is far more spiritual. Regardless of beliefs, it is a subject that continues to dominate. It is one of the most personal insights a person can give about themselves, and for that reason can be a particularly sensitive subject.

Heaven Poems: 1/7
Nature, Heaven
Susan Chen is a current junior at Stanford University. Growing up in a rural village in China and spending most of her mature years among backs of skyscrapers and bright lights in inner Boston, Susan dedicates her poetry to an enriched world outlook marked by urban excitement and idyllic longing

A summer’s dreaming below a silvery full moon.
Soft winds blow gently, the ambiance opportune.
A knack of creativity and I am in a different place,
Because dreams transcend both time and space.

Lovely maidens anticipate Prince Charming’s call.
With a bow and a nod, they prepare for the ball.
The most beautiful maiden of all is left in the dust,
As her hideous evil stepsisters teem with lust.

Elves dance around fires and sing ancient runes
Fairies fly above them and sing their own tunes.
A toad can be heard croaking its deafening bass,
And fireflies swarm nearby with exceptional grace.

Bandits congregate secretly in desert dunes,
While sirens lure sailors from hidden lagoons.
Everyday individuals vanish without a trace,
As creatures unseen stalk from a dark place.

Epic battles are fought, glorious wars are won
A page turns with the old and unwanted gone.
Villains are condemned and heroes are sung
Mothers rejoice with new hope for their young.

Leprechauns find gold at the end of the rainbow
The stars glow as Santa strolls through the snow.
The Prince weds his Princess, a dream come true.
This happy story ends but another is starting anew.

A summer’s dreaming below a silvery full moon.
Soft winds blow gently, the ambiance opportune.
Imagination flows as fantasy and reality embrace
Marvelous dreams transcend both time and space.