Heaven Poems

The idea of heaven is different for every single person. We may share stereotypical beliefs about going to heaven in the afterlife, but what heaven means to us individually is far more unique, and one of the most fascinating and discussed subjects going. For some, it is the opportunity to meet with loved ones again. For others, the idea of heaven is far more spiritual. Regardless of beliefs, it is a subject that continues to dominate. It is one of the most personal insights a person can give about themselves, and for that reason can be a particularly sensitive subject.

Heaven Poems: 1/7
Nature, Heaven
The Source (Manifestation)
I wrote this poem after having been inspired by the documentary 'The Secret'. The source is the term I use to call the all knowing and ever pervading presence that most people call 'God'.

Unleash your dream to the source that is beckoning.
Clear your mind, can you hear it calling?

Believe and expect that it will deliver.
Feel it, allow it, you are the law giver.

Live your life and quench your thirst.
Know your place in this fractal universe.

Resume your journey, grow into expansion.
You masterful being, what’s your next manifestation?

Know that you and the source are one.
The source is the father and you are the son.

The richness of its kingdom provides pure evidence
All you have to do now, is claim your inheritance