Garden Poems

What does a garden mean to you? The answer to that question will likely tell a huge amount about you. As children, the garden was somewhere to play for hours. From football to chasing, tennis to water-fights, the garden was the “go-to” place when you were young. In adulthood, the garden has far more practical uses. Somewhere to dry the clothes. Somewhere to set up the barbecue. Somewhere to keep the dog. As we get older still, the garden often becomes somewhere to be enjoyed. Sitting out in the sun or tending to plants and flowers, the garden can be a real outdoor relaxation room. Your garden can be anything you want it to be. It’s up to you.

Garden Poems: 1/12
Nature, Garden
I wrote this poem last year when I was in the 7th grade. My mother has truely inspired me and I want to thank her.

My little garden is truly the best.
Among the flowers and trees I like to rest.
My garden is like paradise,
For little bees and butterflies.
The sparrows chirp merrily,
And I sing happily.
The huge Gulmohar tree sways gently.
Lovely are my little rose beds.
I like to watch the daffodils,
Nod their heads.
I water my plants everyday.
To start your day it is the best way.
I like my garden very much.
I feel as though she,
Has been given God’s touch.