Ocean Poems: 6/19
Nature, Ocean

Guess Who?

© Natalie Vernon

Skin tight warmth.
You sprinkle butterfly kisses on my lips.
I giggle and push you away.
You sink down and calm.
Then you rise back up and grab my hips.
So strong, you bring me down with you.
I laugh and get back up.
You’re coming again.
I charge forward only to be enveloped in the safe warm feeling that is you.
Retreat again.
You stay long this time.
So I tease you.
Saying you are not mighty enough to take me on.
Now you came back again.
Taking me full, bringing me down.
And for a second it feels like a kiss.
Rough, but still smooth.
It tastes salty, but reminds me of honey…
To bad it’s the end of summer or we could do this all the time.
But the world is calling.
And the sun is falling.
But don’t worry.
I’ll see you again…

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