Ocean Poems: 17/19
Nature, Ocean


© Sam Jones

I hope everyone will read this poem and help another part of this world that will eventually get polluted. We must do something fast. You can contact me at sjmathwiz@gmail.com if you have any ideas.

How quickly, quietly the waves form
And then proceed to create a storm
They dance up high, and fall down low
And ripple.
Someday we’d find that everyone’s gone
The tsunami wave breaks out at dawn
And dances over and under them all
And ripple.
It’s sad the way we don’t think twice
As we litter in the ocean nice
We think it won’t make a difference.
But years later, we will find
While we littered, without a look behind
The sea dries up and leaves not a trace
Of the sea, and ocean’s face.
What used to be all waves galore
Will dance and ripple for us no more

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