Horse Poems

The noblest of creatures; the horse is one of the more diverse of animals. To many a working man, the horse is a working animal, capable of tremendous strength and pulling power. However, for every working horse there are just as many show horses, kept as pets for personal use by the wealthy. For those who like a flutter, horses can be a joy and a curse. Pawns of the gambling industry, these horses are bred solely to race. With such a wide scope of career paths, it’s no wonder that the horse is held in such high regard. These are proud, magnificent beasts, and they deserve our respect.

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A Horse and a Boy
From my book Appalachian Poetry. To my son Cory. Living the country life with a love for horses. Sadly she is gone but her memory will live forever.

A Horse and a Boy
There you stood looking kind alone,
Long legs little head,
Flee bitten kind of white,
Climbed in to saddle go I said.
Felt like rocking chair,
As I watched your head,
With long stride we travel,
Back and forth on this road,
Rode so soft had to bring you with me,
For a little boy to love and make your home,
In my hast to own you,
Never even, ask your name,
Pride in his eyes as he looked up with glee,
Marriage made in heaven it came to be,
Rode all evening on our home road,
Many years be spent together,
Just you and that little Boy,
Now you glide the winds at night,
While you rest all day swatting flies,
Under the Old Buckeye Tree,
Yes, I did name you and we did agree,
Told him you were A RACKING JACK.