Ocean Poems: 9/19
Nature, Ocean

The Ocean

© Rukiye H.

Hey, I'm 12 years old and I love to write, this poem is about what it feels like to be by the ocean, like a wandering spirit in search of tranquility and peace.

The sand is a cloud, soft and white,
And as you step, it slips up around your feet and in between your toes.
Each step you take is warm, warm as hot cocoa,
On a cold winter’s night.

As you lie on your green, green towel,
The sun shines bright,
A fire, creating warmth
Starting at your toes, it creeps up through your legs,
Past your hips, chest, and arms,
Your fingers tingle, and your face feels pure bliss,
As the flames, envelope you like a blanket.

The water so clear, so blue,
Like a mirror, a diamond, a gleam,
The foamy white waves crash against the sandy shore,
Licking your toes, and with a little giggle,
You run run into the ocean, a baby to her mother.

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