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Ocean fresh clear and blue,
Crystal sand so pure.
Dolphins play here and there,
Jumping round through the air.
Turtles swim day and night,
Get stuck in bottle rings, what a ..........
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Ahhhhhhhhh, the breeze was so gentle and the sun so warm
Yet, there was a roar from the ocean filling the air
Waves lapping at the shore one by one
Each one rising and rising with such a ..........
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Today I set sail to the open sea
Beyond the horizon I planned to be
Where sun rays could warm me
And darkness not find me
That is where I planned to be.
But like my heart the sky ..........
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The Haunted Sea

Two days of stark
on a wide, wide sea,
into bleak horizons
the ship sailed free.

Through day filled nights
and ..........
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Hopping, popping, down she goes
Through the path of the rainbows
Flapping her little tail
She pushes the water around
Humming a sweet melodious sound.
Jumping through the slashing ..........
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The sea, the sea, the glorious, emerald sea,
Stretches as far as my sight carries me.

What tranquility, what treasures, what beauties dwell
In her fathomless depth, only God can tell. ..........
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Their souls were in captivity.

So then I wondered, 'Why, oh why,

Does God not hear their desperate cry?'

Voices wane into the night,

Ne'er heard in the morning's ..........
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Its face is a painting, a sculpture, a sketch.
Its face has no ending, no beginning, no stretch.
Its face is a mirror, a diamond, a gleam.
Its face is a smile, laughter, a dream.
The ..........
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How quickly, quietly the waves form
And then proceed to create a storm
They dance up high, and fall down low
And ripple.
Someday we’ll find that everyone’s gone
The tsunami ..........
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Skin tight warmth.
You sprinkle butterfly kisses on my lips.
I giggle and push you away.
You sink down and calm.
Then you rise back up and grab my hips.
So strong, you bring me down ..........
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Ocean Poems: 1-10 of 18    
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