Rain Poems: 13/34
Nature, Rain

Thunder Storm

© Kathleen M. Martin

Here is the story of how hot air and cold air came to be lovers in the sky.

As thunder rumbled, wondered I:
How come this grumble from the sky?
And lightning flashed and tore asunder,
This very sky that I stand under!
Hot and humid was the day,
In that sticky summer way;
And hot air thought it would be wise,
To take its stifling clouds and rise.
And so the clouds of cumulus,
Gave themselves and upward thrust.
At break-neck speed, they did collide,
With cold air on the other side.
Hello! Said hot air to the cold,
(Which made the clouds upset, I'm told.)
For at their tops, in their defense,
They carried anvils, quite immense.
But hot air flashed cold air a smile,
Which could be seen for many miles;
And cold air cried in great delight,
Which shook the sky with force and might.
Clouds, unimpressed and unafraid,
Began to rain on their parade.
But people just below on earth,
Alarmed at hot and cold's great mirth,
Dropped their chores and ran for cover
To give privacy to these two lovers.
For love, although we think it warm,
Can be as violent as a storm.

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