Rain Poems: 33/34
Nature, Rain

The Calm Before the Storm

© Amanda L. Banker

Here, it's all in the title. This poem is about the calm before the storm on a summer night.

The Calm before the Storm

Few and far between,
That describes the evenings of tepid calmness,
That not so often peak in the summer months.
Disastrous weather conditions that devastate,
Various areas of the south have politely landed,
A welcoming break from the heat.

Can't help but want to shut my eyes and dream,
To the sounds of the summer night.
You can't create these sounds that only,
Mother Nature can sing.

Constant strange shadows from the rapid breeze,
Across the illuminated lamp posts startle me,
And grasp my attention.

Still warm out yet the ever so often strengthening,
Gusts of wind provoke the slight tingling,
Sensation of developing goose bumps,
Enough to inspire me to put on a sweater.

Small rain drops tease of an approaching shower,
That is blowing by too quickly to notice,
But enough to glisten on the car tops.

Neighbors everywhere are out enjoying,
The rare beauty of the evening,
I am not the only one who shares this love.
Makes me miss the northern coolness that allowed,
Me to spend countless hours of peace and,
Serenity outside.
Even the sounds of traffic and the irritating,
Insects have seem to have,
Subsided to permit the full benefit of the,
Evening to unfold.

A small shower has finally showed enough,
Strength to make even the stray cat find shelter,
But still the uncanny beauty of the night,
Beacons me to stay and take part as an audience.

The tree branches almost beg to lie down,
As the gusts of wind force them,
To bow to it's increasing gusts.

Now the rain has created enough swell,
To hear the large drops from the trees,
Kiss the ground with the similar sound like,
A stone being dropped into a pond.

With fall approaching hopefully we,
Can only look forward to more Indian summer,
Nights like these.

Amazing how something that seems so menial,
To one person,
But can create a world of,
Inspiration to another.

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