Rain Poems: 11/34
Nature, Rain


© April M. Kesreystrong

A very sad poem about Katrina.

The clouds rolled in quickly,
As the cars rolled out,
No one had a clue,
What Katrina was all about.

They packed things lightly,
'We will be home in a day or two,
So feed and water the pets,
We'll be home when the storm is through'.

Side by side they slept,
On cots and sleeping bags,
While the Dome began to crumble,
Changing their riches into rags,

Not so still waters,
Began to rise so deep,
Only debris and disabled cars,
Is what's left on their streets.

Power lines amongst the ruin,
The dog walks slowly along,
Looking for the home,
To which he once belonged.

Tent cities on the highways,
Where they were safe from the disease,
The view from where they stood,
Brought them to their knees,

No lights to come on,
Only sirens, screams and cries,
Searching for the living,
While the dead float on by.

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