Rain Poems: 27/34
Nature, Rain

Still Deep

© Cris salvador

Rain, flood, typhoon and other calamities move us on beended knees. Why are these circumstances happening? Shall we keep our faith in God during the troubles of our lives?

Still deep in dark, dangerous waters
Waste, wasted, Waiting long
As heavens cry, so do I
As heavens howl, do people call?

Robust collection of unseen yet frightening clouds
Gray, black, wet tears !
On their knees are the trees
Down to earth are the structures
Raise to sky are the seas

Still deep in dark, dangerous waters
When is the rainbow that touches mountains over mountains?
Where is the rod that separates the seas?
BUT not worn-out!
Still deep in dark, dangerous waters
Still deep in Spirit
Still deep in Faith
Still deep…

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