Rain Poems: 32/34
Nature, Rain

The Mad Storm

© Cornelia Hutton

The people are afraid and they huddle close in their houses as the mad storm tears down the city around them.

Winds raging fast, trash moving on the streets,
Families hope their loved ones remember where to meet,
Streets empty, houses locked,
No one could be heard or found for at least a block,
People running for their lives, as they hear a big roar from the clouds,
Seeking shelters, they hear the lightning come clashing down so loud.
Minutes seemed like hours, as the storm swept through the town,
Families and strangers held each other tight, without making a whispering sound.
Water gushed from fire hydrants, electrical sparks popped from broken lines,
The streets were mangled, smoked filled the air, crooked and broken street signs,
Cars crashed, nothing but broken wood and brick where there was once a house,
Everything was still, not a sound nearby, not even a rambling mouse.
The sky was silent and clouds slowly moving so calmly,
So quiet, it was as if you could hear pounding heartbeats,
Injured loved ones and strangers, so shaken up and scared,
Wishing they could tell those who didn't make it, how much they really cared,
Some didn't make it through the storm, that so suddenly came,
Who would ever know, that a storm could cause so much hurt and pain,
Beware of the storm, for it could come after you,
Be well prepared and cautious, for the storm doesn't pick and choose.

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