Rain Poems: 28/34
Nature, Rain

A Rainy Transformation


This was just a poem whose pictorial description flowed through my mind on a rainy day. I converted those pictures into words. Thanks

Sitting on a village road-side
Watching villagers going in stride,
Thoughts filled up my memory-lane
I could not recall, it started to rain,
As heavens opened in full fright
Children rushed outside in delight,
Dancing and jumping in full vigour
Painting their hearts in nature’s colour,
Forgetting the identities of their own
Flowered seeds of innocence deep sown,
Until the wait had been too long
Temptation to join them I could not prolong.
Putting a stop to all my fears
I danced with them in all my gears,
Splash of water, thunder of cloud
Completing this all was cuckoo singing aloud,
As the rain decided to depart
Pangs of joy, I felt in my heart,
Having made me again insane
I thanked the children for the same.

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