Rain Poems: 10/34
Nature, Rain

Clouds Cry

© Ariel A.

Description of rain XD

The bright blue sky,
goes pale in confusion.
Clouds cry for an unknown reason.
Tears roll down
Mother Nature's cheek.
The leaves' body
dance along with the cold air.
The smell of sweet fresh rain,
that wash away the hotness
of a dry afternoon.
The air blows softly
blowing away the cotton clouds
covering the evil and heat
from the mischievous sun.
Water hits the ground
and on the dry grass.
Rain drops shower the
ugly and guilt.
The sound of soothing
oceans waves mixed
with a tropical
rain forest scent.
A peaceful song.
A nice scene as plants
absorb the magic
of one single rain drop.
Rivers form on the road.
The grass sing like Indians
for the miracle of water.
The loose leaves swim in the air
and enjoy the freshness
of the rain…

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