Rain Poems: 24/34
Nature, Rain


© Astra Channer

Hurricanes, why do you sting in your angry actions?
Bringing with you catastrophic, devastating songs to the earth beneath you.
Destroying lives and taking lives, away with you.
When will you stop, your furious winds from flowing this way?
Babies, children, men, and women crying,
Their sounds of lost, echoes around the globe.
With no comfort for the sick,
No clothing, food, water or shelter for the homeless to survive another day.

People are dying, as help is on the way.
Will it get there on time to save the weary?
People are suffering.
Their faith, hope, and strength to survive your magnitude,
Has impacted each life great and small.
Flames of fire erupting from your madness.
Go your way and not return with your roots of destructive behavior.

Life is a blessing.
Every essence of being is true appreciation for the simple needs within life.
Let the innocence of being be spared by your tumultuous waters.
Find your place in the universe.
As humility of the human nature has been found,
Giving and receiving love unconditionally.
That can't be bought or sold as poverty strikes; evacuation could barely be found.
With, lost words leaving their marks to be placed in the archives of history books;
With pictures of your soaring wings showing your images.


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