Rain Poems: 14/34
Nature, Rain

Feeling the storm

© Leisa M. Dierdorf-Lessard

A poem describing a girl as she experiences a rain storm.

The wind whipped her hair, molding it to her slender cheekbones, like a second skin.
She tilted her face, catching the first rain drops as they began to fall upon the thirsty earth.
Closing her eyes and inhaling – slowly, letting her skin savor the moisture in separate, single increments.
It was as if every cell of her body had come alive, dancing with the same electrical intensity as the lightning that surged through the sky.
The thunder, an angry grumble of nature rumbled over head.
In those few moments, she felt joyously alive…
And she knew no fear.
Locked in a spell of the elements… Feeling the storm…
Bringing her peace…With herself…
Bringing her peace… With the world.

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