Rain Poems: 18/34
Nature, Rain

summer days, rainy nights

© Daniel W. Flood

About the hot summer rain.

I would sit outside on a sunny day
Take a deep breath and feel the
Sweet, crisp summer air passes over
My tongue and down my airway
I'd hold it in for a moment in time
Enjoying the taste and smell of
The summer air and wishing
That my life could stop on a dime
Wishing that I could have that day
That moment forever enjoying the
Peaceful tranquility of what god has
Put forth in such a mysterious way
As the breeze blew and the leaves
Rustled in the wind, rain began to
Fall and the peace of the early day
Turns to night on what I perceive
I'd stand up and walk out into the rain
Watching as the rain falls slowly to me
I feel the cold droplets run down my face
This is an image that is drawn within my brain.

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