Tree Poems: 20/25
Nature, Tree

Trees, Our Friends


My name is Shubhi, and I have written this poem. I hope you will like it

I have many friends,
Tree is one of them

A sapling comes out of ground,
Brings joy to those who found!

Asks for water and air,
which it gets adhere!

Like a friend we provide it,
Like a friend it responses!
Grows and bears flowers and fruits,
Grows our love for it!

It becomes 5 feet tall,
Gives us food, shelter and all!

House of birds on it,
We see!
The sight loved by it!

Mother Earth’s best gift,
We are lucky to have it!

Now, we trouble them,
Deforestation, soil erosion…
Why ??

We trouble our friends,
But after so much,
They never trouble us,
They think,
Human is my true friend !

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