Tree Poems: 19/25
Nature, Tree

An Ode to all Trees

© Robert Montgomery

Poetry concerning nature is evergreen, as tranquil as the passive lake, as lively as the laughing brook and as passionate as the strong sea wind on rock. Here are some of my musings upon one of my favorite aspects: Trees. I hope you enjoy it.

Some give warmth, light, neither, both,
Some strengthen as they themselves weaken
As we do; Stewards of them, their superiors
Or are we? Such mastery of the wood we do
Not know; but admire at a distance,
We must respect and be like them,
Their ranks above our own in the hollow, thicket And dense green.
I will take from them as they have from me,
But no, they aren’t the same, they couldn’t be,
Whilst they teach and nourish we plunder and mar
Their presence of leaf, and might, and power,
Never such beauty or stance again will I see,
Oh to be admirable and vast, as a Tree.

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