Tree Poems: 22/25
Nature, Tree

Oh Guardian Tree You Are!

© Wendy MacWilliams Morris

For years I have been appreciating trees. They're like ancestors to me. They're my friends. I've studied their shapes, sizes, colors, blemishes and whispers, and strengths. I finally put my thoughts in words. I sculpt trees too now. Can't live without them.

You are my guardian because you exist.
You’re resilient through the ages and through the changes of the earth.
Oh tree you give me shade from the sun and the heat from it’s bright rays of light.
You hear my thoughts and provide comfort to my restless mind.
For the creatures in the forest, you do for them what you do for me.
They come to you for rest, and they build homes in your hardy trunk and your reaching limbs.
There is magnetism about you that draws the attention to man and creatures from all around.
The safe haven that you provide for conversation or just to share presence under your wondrous structure. You are trusted and respected for your willingness to listen without judging.
Tree, you prevail through the wind and the rain, stormy weather with the magnitude of God himself. But your heart and your roots are robust they’re not easily broken. They’ll rebirth if you should fall. And you make seed for more of your life to be spread throughout the land.
Tree, you are always and forever.
And I thank you.

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