Tree Poems: 15/25
Nature, Tree

My Window Tree

© Hemant Mankad

My window tree stands in my garden,for real. I share my secrets and hopes and dreams with it. A great sage,a patient listener. A true friend.

Stands erect and spreads its goodness around
A shrine in reverence to nature
It is a monument, the tree in my garden
Not just a large expanse of lumber.

The myriad hues of green
Its leaves in a leisurely dance
The sage is stoic and firm
Bears the weight of the sky, for me.

I sit by the open window
It quietly leans to caress me
Is it a thanks giving
Or its shade, hugging my heart?

My window tree
Allows my sash to get lowered
Nature's barrier
The peace and privacy carrier.

Last night I heard its leaves quiver
I could sense the yearning
Someone had carelessly thrown around
"No flowers, no fruits,
Why do you have this here?"

May be the leaves trembled
For the yearning of the flowers
I gently stood under it
Thanked it for being a friend
Rooted, feet firmly entrenched on the ground
And eyes always looking up
Striving for the glory in the sun.

My daily dose of wonder
So that my mind does not wander
As I can see my tree
And then there is nothing to wonder.

I did not plant a tree
I planted hope
I spread my wings
To fly to the heavens
With God I shall have a fling………….

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