Tree Poems: 3/25
Nature, Tree

A Tree Is Like Our Mother

© Avantika saraswat

I have written this poem to share you my opinion about trees. I wanted to ask everyone why are they devouring trees like a hungry devil. Please join your hands together to save trees.

A tree is like our mother,
whenever we play bestow its love and blessings on us.

It never let us fall,
as it treats as its own soul
It gives everything it can give
It provides us oxygen to live
fruits, vegetables to eat

Then why are we treating a tree in such a rude way
Why are we cutting trees like a hungry devil
It not only destroys our mother Earth but also,
Decreases our animals and humans life….

A tree that looks at god whole day
and join its leafy hand to pray that “save my life!”
we can save many lives by planting a single seed.

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