Tree Poems: 25/25
Nature, Tree


© Kayla E. Weathers

About the existing lack of sensitivity towards trees.

I hear the wind call my name,
A force of nature that can't be tamed.
The sky is lit by the burning of the sun,
The land speaks of stories long unsung.
But to those who listen she'll tell her tale,
Of an undying love that can never fail.
Since the beginning of time she's given all you need,
To help you stand tall and always succeed.
A slap in the face is all we have given back,
When it comes to destroying her we never seem to lack.
Every day cutting down more and more of her trees,
Then tossing the thought away in the afternoon breeze.
How can we do all of these horrible things,
t we just enjoy the beauty life brings?
For if we continue down this destructive path,
We will surely begin to see God's great wrath.
If only people would open their eyes and see,
How truly wonderful this world can be.
The future of the world rests in our hands,
What are we to do with this breathtaking land?
Now is the time for us to start anew,
With the place to which my heart is renewed.

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