Tree Poems: 6/25
Nature, Tree

My Christmas Tree

© Rukiye Henderson

Im just a 12 year old girl who loves to write and make others happy, I hope this poem helps!!! :)

I stand under the Christmas tree
With its light shining down upon me
I look at the angel standing on top
As if guarding heaven
I see my gingerbread ornament
With its black piercing eyes
And peppermint candy buttons
Which sparkle sweetly under the Christmas lights
I see a nightingale with its beak wide open
As if about to burst into a melodious song
Its reddish-brown plumage mixes
And becomes a happy, joyous Christmas color
I see all these ornaments sparkle
But there is one,
A flower
With its colorful glass petals
Twisting and turning every which way
Its colors are so real,
That I believe that it is about to burst into full bloom.
This is my Christmas tree.

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