Tree Poems: 21/25
Nature, Tree

For The Eyes To See

© Kim Robin Edwards

Written in 1982. A very delightful poem about trees, mountains, and winds.

The winds that blow at the top of the trees.
Make the leaves, and the limbs, and the
branches weave. Stare and stir, till your
heart’s content. At the mountains of forest,
and the mountains of leaves. Mountains of
loneliness. For the eyes to see.

The trees that whimper. The trees that sway.
Bring mixtures of motions-motions conceived.
A mixture of motions, at the top of the trees.
The limbs, and the branches, they never give
way. The branches too sturdy. Too sturdy they
be. Limbs and branches. For the eyes to see.

Mountains, and mountains, and mountains of
trees. Winds bring mountains-mountains of
leaves. Leaves of green, and leaves of brown.
Watch the leaves as they fall to the ground.
Leaves from trees. For the eyes to see.

Whistling winds. Trees that weep. Droplets of
sap. Droplets that seep. Droplets that seep,
from the trees that weep. Towering trees. Trees
that tower. Trees that tower over me. Towering
trees. For the eyes to see.

Mountains of brown.Mountains for all. These
mountains, they glow the color of fall. The color
of fall’s the color for me. As the leaves come
down. Leaves of brown. Leaves of brown, they’re
all around. All around. For the eyes to see.

The mountains and forest seem to lie still. As
the winds calm down. On this blundering hill.
The leaves on the trees. They rest in place.
These mountains of trees. They’re never erased.
Never erased are these mountains of trees.
Mountains of trees. For the eyes to see.

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