Tree Poems: 2/25
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Tree, Dear Tree

© Jonathan George

My name is Jonathan, and I'm in the 6th grade. I wrote this poem for a class last year. My mom thought it would be a good idea to place this poem on the net. I love trees a lot and I hate to see them ever cut. For all the tree lovers out there, this poem is dedicated to you.

Tree, Dear Tree,
In the Spring, you give the birds a place to rest.
On your lovely branches I can hear a family of Robbins singing in their nest.

Some trees are short, some trees are tall,
But all trees are lovely as their leaves change in the Fall.
I love to see your reds and browns, but your golden yellows are the best of all.

How beautiful you are covered in winter white,
As you stand in the snow and your branches are frozen in ice.

Then again comes the spring so crisp and clean,
Waking you out of your slumbering sleep.
Joyfully telling you another year has gone by,
” Look up dear tree you have grown one inch more closer to the sky.”

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