Tree Poems: 4/25
Nature, Tree

Trees, Mother Earth’s Generous Gift

© Nenita Wells

This poem is dedicated to the people who are actively working in the conservation of our forest and the beautification of our environment.

Oh tree, you open up your generous hand
Jutting out outstretched like holding a wand
Upon your branches nesting birds building
Assured of comfort weary wings living.

Oh tree, you provided them place to dwell
New flock ready to chirp and sing away
Calling with their melodious notes so well
And dreams of places to fly so far away.

Oh tree, you let them stay in your arms and welcome
Cooling, nourishing their daily wanting safe home
Sheltering them from the sun’s harshness thrown
The coldness and dampness of the rain pouring down.

Oh tree, your shadows lend comfort to creatures who long
Resisting the unending turbulence of life furious, strong
Like a river’s current, sweeping, tugging, tagging us along
As we remain steadfast in our quest for peace here we belong.

Oh tree, your crown is an image of a king standing strong
His throne and kingdom’s freedom defended lifelong
Like a trained fighter vigorously blocking every blow
Until your bruised branches and leaves begin again to glow.

Oh tree, your trunk, your roots anchored to the ground,
Giving reassurance of the strongest kind of foundation bound
As sure-footed as a mountain goat climbing until food found
From a Nature’s treasures chest blessings on earth abound.

Oh tree, a generous Mother Earth’s gift
God, the Great Provider to mankind so swift
With kindness, abundance for everyone to enjoy
To protect, preserve, conserve and not to destroy.

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