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Life is no easy thing to explain. What is our purpose? Why do we do what we do? There are no easy answers to these questions, but this does not make us stop contemplating the answers. Life can be so fleeting, here one day, gone the next. We can both create life, and take it away. We must do all that we can to live our lives to the full. Enjoy each day as it comes because we never know when it will all come to an end. This might not be the true meaning of life, but it is the only way to live it.

Reflections about Life

Inspirational Poems: 1/16
Life, Inspirational
My poem is about your desires, and your will power. It's about how everybody has a different view of everything. And no matter how unimportant something may be to you, it could mean a lot to others.

From the sky,
The moonlight shines,
The twinkle of the stars,
Brings tears to our eyes,
Leaves us whole inside,
A feeling that no one could ever despise

From Earth, Water, Fire, and Air,
Throughout the world,
Nobody would dare,
From a bright sparkle,
To a faint shine,
I feel the nightmares around me begin to decline

From the Soil of the Earth,
And the Waves of the Water,
From the Ash of the Fire,
And the Wind of the Air,
Give me Strength from peace and care