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Life is no easy thing to explain. What is our purpose? Why do we do what we do? There are no easy answers to these questions, but this does not make us stop contemplating the answers. Life can be so fleeting, here one day, gone the next. We can both create life, and take it away. We must do all that we can to live our lives to the full. Enjoy each day as it comes because we never know when it will all come to an end. This might not be the true meaning of life, but it is the only way to live it.

Reflections about Life

Inspirational Poems: 4/16
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What Is Life
We all seek the answer to this question at some point in our 'lives' and when I tried solving the mystery I arrived at this

Life, my friends think is conditioned,
my teachers call it challenging,
writers claim it in their words,
for parents their smiling child,
for a lover it’s beloved,
for a hobo, some food,
for a magician, the magic.
Life is undefined.
It is all this and all that,
only we give it meaning by dreaming it our way,
and not living the dreams of others.