Inspirational Poems: 7/16
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The Last Words Of An Unborn Girl

© Tanya Gulati

I love to write...This is a poem I wrote on a special function held at my college, organized by a national daily to highlight and reward the ten most talented girls of the city and I was one of them...I recited this poem there and with god's grace, this poem won a lot of recognition.

Do you feel my hands mama…
Joined in petition coming straight from my heart???
Believe me-This isn’t what you see in drama…
Please let me share something-before…before I depart…..

If given a chance to be a part of that beautiful world,
I promise never to trouble or vex you up!
I’ll do what you say & never shall quarrel!
I’ll instantly drink the milk, as soon as you place the cup!

I would get up at the first knock,
I would follow your orders round the clock,
I would wear what you give and eat what you make!
Please don’t consider these promises as fake!!!

I will study so hard and make you so proud,
Please don’t kill me like this-I won’t even get a shroud!
If, and only if, you let me survive,
I’ll not just be your daughter but I’ll be your pride!

I will never be a liability, I promise
Instead like kiran bedi, I too shall be fearless
Like aishwarya rai, I too shall look graceful
Like sonia Gandhi, I too shall always stay humble!

I could climb the mountains mama!
I could chase the winds!
I could slide on the rainbows!
I could fly on my own wings!
I could discover elements, or I could rule the nation!
I could perform surgeries or I could make space stations!

I promise to be a source of joy forever,
And NOT pain!
Why do you think slaughtering me can bring you any gain?
Why do you comply with this sadistic pleasure?
Where I am offering you- A life full of treasures….

As you get ready with those injections,
Mama, I just want to pray
May you stand up for my coming sisters
May you not obey..
The instructions of those tyrants, the orders of those monsters……

As I prepare to die unborn,
With not many a people there to mourn,
This is for all those who will continue to breathe,
I too wish….. I toooo wish…… I ….. too ….. wish …….

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