Inspirational Poems: 1/16
Life, Inspirational

Pristine Being

© Abby Tiberi

Dedicated to all souls lost in despair.

While grimacing over his decaying existence,
dark clouds bow to his blind insistence.
His thoughts squandering, triggering faltering pain.
Accepting defeat, he’s going insane.

Oh pristine being if you only knew
the divine gift bestowed upon you.
With one focal thought destined for creation,
re-design your life and feel the exhilaration!

Oh pristine being don’t you know who you are?
You’re more than just human; you’re grander than a Tsar.
Behold your psyche’s imageries come into fruition.
Your mind is a crystal ball; you’re a powerful magician!

With a remarkable birthright, renounce your fears.
You are in command wipe away those tears.
So fill your thoughts with no more sorrow
as bursts of grand new realities will come tomorrow.

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