Inspirational Poems: 10/16
Life, Inspirational

A Shadow

© Chinmoyi Bhushan

And in the midst of the clouds that cover the mountains
The water that falls beneath those creaks,
The rocks that hurdle against the fall,
A shadow looms.

The cold wind and the drizzles,
Sends a shiver through the muzzle
The reticent trees with the blowing wind
Tell the story of that shadow.

It lives beneath these eerie mountains,
Dolefully tied to its past chains
It searches in these depths
An answer or a soul to set it free.

The chains strangle the lingering shadow
Bounding it to the closed window.
A crack in that window or a key to the chain
Is for what the shadow aims.

The trees rustle past and reveal a secret
The key to the chain is within the shadow,
It dives deep within its soul
With the shroud of the clouds and the drizzling rain
The shadow sets itself free.

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