Inspirational Poems: 2/16
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Anger, Rage, Fury… And All That Good Stuff

© Justin Yen

I wrote this poem because I was having a hard time with my anger issues.

Anger is a big fiery sign that says, “Stop! Danger!”
Lights flash, sirens sound, paying attention is no need,
Although warnings stop and stare, I pay them no heed.
The burning red danger sign to me is no new stranger.

My cruel anger continues to build, higher and higher.
So blistering hot and intense, out of my skin it bleeds.
Burning friends with sour flame, we sin an evil deed.
I cannot control myself I explode to the hottest fire.

I hurt the friend who softly reprimanded and corrected.
I am on the verge of sharing my sinful and crazy wrath,
With the sibling who just ruined my anticipated hot bath.
Too late, to him my quick uppercut of rage connects.

Anger makes me feel from this Earth, disconnected,
But the Lord will guide me back to the right path.

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