Inspirational Poems: 12/16
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Life is a Tree that Grows

© Astra Channer

Life is a Tree that Grows-from Soul Songs an Anthology of Poems by Astra B. Channer. Who has written two previous Poetry Books, Freedom Souls and Flames of Burnt Songs. Won two Editor's Choice Awards from International Society of Poetry (ISP)for Poems, Tears of the Inner Eye, and Life's Expression

Looking around your environment,
to a place where, you may find yourself,
becomes a mystery, in it’s own light.
A diamond strength, to cope with it’s triangle of courage, faith and hope.
Bountiful with blessings, that endures it’s natural vibes of longevity.
Caressing every echo, of nature.
A beauty that connects with the universe, in more ways than one.
In that moment, when time may seems still.
Life is a tower of love, that does not escape it’s bearing of reality.
That showers all of it’s glory, with a rain.
Streams of precious jewels, that are untouchable with it’s magnetic chorus.
Of a beautiful day that shines through the clouds and storms.
With stars that glows through the dark.
Not having any expectations, but giving the jewel of it’s being, respects all that it has to offer.
By the will of the Creator.
A resource of serenity, that passionately grow, as it flows with time.
Bringing me joy, to see a reflection of myself, walking with me.
My shadow follows me, to the north, south, east and west.
Giving me a choice to be, where I need to be.
Discovering a technique, that looks beyond a moment of bliss.
A freedom to be anywhere, anytime.
With a love, that choose to be noticed.
Sometimes , walking behind me, in front of me, and definitely beside me.
With a moment, that captivates my eye.
As I stroll, along life’s path.
Without no regrets, as my shadow became my friend.
Looking ahead of me, to see what is coming towards me.
At times, I have to step to the right, step to the left,
and maybe turn around to start from the beginning with my shadow and me.

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