Inspirational Poems: 13/16
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Nature’s Voice

© Archan Mehta

I am a freelancer, consultant and teacher of meditation. I value creativity. This poem I want to dedicate to all of us who are on a different journey from conventional wisdom. After all, the journey of life is a journey of self-discovery and nature helps us along the way.

No matter what you do
No matter where you go
The whisper of the wind
Caresses your soul.
The voice of nature
Is silent, to be sure,
But is sensitive to your needs.
It transcends your earthly needs
And is born to breed
A voice that is kind
In the imagination of your mind.
How nice to know, finally,
That you are surrounded by
No noise and no distraction
No pollution and no congestion
No traffic and no perspiration
Just mother earth is your companion
Teeming with flowers galore
Increasing your unique score.
Yet, it is individual and different
Every human being is, after all,
Born on a different plane
Not everything is about greed and gain.
That’s what nature’s voice reminds us:
Just being is enough, in the end,
Let the palm trees sway in the breeze
And view the dancing of the stars
Be transported to Venus and Mars.
Surrounded by such divine beauty,
It is okay for you just to be
Stop looking at your watch
Look instead deep within your heart
And you will start to sing
Immortal songs like a lark!

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