Earth Poems: 16/16
Nature, Earth

A New Deity

© Heather A. Farley-rushworth

In the beginning there was only earth and sky. Then came people, defying and ignoring nature, enslaving them.

In the beginning, there was You and I
Separate spheres, Earth and Sky,
Face to Face, We passed the time,
What’s Yours is Yours. Mine is mine.

When they came, We called the shots,
Structure of day, cold and hot,
Developed weather, standard of time,
Made sure they knew Us, What’s Mine is Mine.

Shocked together We watched them grow,
Defy Our nature, ignore My snow,
And though You trembled, and though I shook,
They refused Us. They stayed. And they took.

So here we are, You and I,
Enslaved spheres, earth and sky,
Face to face we suffer through Time,
Wondering what’s Yours,
Starving for Mine.

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