Earth Poems: 8/16
Nature, Earth


© Gloria

I am 17 and I wrote this poem because I like so many people worried about global warming and the environment.

They ignore just look in a different direction.
Many do many things and many don’t’.
True is global warming effect us all
From the tiniest to the enormous
From fragile to strong
From plants to trees and to people.
True is it effects us all.
Many wonders are vanishing
Many care many don’t’
There’s more that care than more than don’t.
One person makes a difference and many follow.
The smell of roses, daisies, and many others.
The scent of fresh rain in spring
The fresh air gasping through your skin.
The view of fascinating landscapes when you walk outside
The homing of birds and any other things
One makes a difference but many make a change.
When friends come together they have the power to change a difference.
True is we are responsible for many things that happened on earth.
We cause but we don’t’ fix
We cause a problem but we don’t do fix.
Global warming effect us all
From sky to land
From sea to air.
everyone makes a change you just have to believe.
A change is a improvement
If you believe then you have the power to succeed.
Earth gives us so much but we don’t’ give back.
Lets give earth what its given us.

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