Earth Poems: 7/16
Nature, Earth


© Georgina May Wilde

I am Georgina May Wilde, I am nineteen years old from South Wales. I work in Paris as a nanny, I wrote this poem in the park one morning. It is the first poem I have even written, it is the first draft. The words just seemed to flow through me. I hope someone in the world will read this, and feel it

My darling children
Curious, cruel splendid
I carry you in the earthy womb
And when time has had it's way
You shall return unto me
Until that day I wait for you
Tenderly, I wait for you

In the beginning
I gave you life, I gave
The first precious, perilous gasp
And you have scarred me
You with your intolerant fury
Have pierced my skin, have drawn my blood
And I will bleed for you my children
Until my veins run dry

I am Masa, Moeder, Mama
I, am your mother
And when you cry, I cry with you.
And in the shadows I watch you sweat
As you kill your brother
And bury him, Come dawn

Do you smell my fear in fiery skies?
Where demons shriek
And scratch at my skin
My lungs are slashed, shred and torn
They inhale your hate
Exhale my shame

I dream of a time not yet gone by
When you shall walk my horizon
Drenched in glorious victory
That is not red
And does not drip, drip, drip with disgrace
But until that day, I wait for you
Tenderly, I wait for you.

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