Earth Poems: 6/16
Nature, Earth

Everything Is A Part Of The Mother

© Michael Ruger

If my poor words make just one person think anew about our Natural World.Then I may have started the tiniest breeze that will fill a sail to bring us back to our Mother

Comes a tiny breeze that shakes a leaf
It glides to the ground to the Mother
Where it is caressed then changed to become the Earth again.

Comes a tiny breeze that carries the sound of a newborn babe. The babe thrives with the Mother for 70 years.
Then one day goes to sleep caressed by the Mother.Where the body again becomes part of the Earth

Oh, we humans will pray to some god in the sky,but our Mother is our Creator
That tiny breeze or a hurricane that makes everything fly.  Is of this Earth.

Yes, the moon and the sun gives us night and day.
Yet without Mother Earth we are just dust in space
Never to stay in one place.

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