Beauty Poems: 13/15
Nature, Beauty

My Home

© Ashlee Bernstone

I wrote this poem last year in grade 7 and it took me almost two months. it's about living in the Australian outback.

Vast, Australian plains
Short, stubbled grass
Red earth.

This is my home.

Gazing out to the distant horizon,
I can sense the tranquility in the air.
A young wallaby cautiously bounds out from the scrub
As I venture further into its territory.
Mesmerized, I cannot take my eyes away
From the stunning silhouettes of the once-tamed brumbies,
Dancing on the horizon.

The muffled scratching of the chickens disturbs my thoughts,
As they aimlessly graze in the shade of a drooping wattle tree.
Someone's at the gate.
Our German Shepherd eagerly darts out to greet the newcomer:
A mate of my fathers,
Here for an afternoon beer.

Sitting in the old, weathered tree house,
I listen to the friendly chatter of the two friends
Telling bush yarns around the glowing campfire.
I can hear my mother's voice,
Calling contentedly from the veranda.
I take one last glance at the bright, starlit sky…

This is my home.

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